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Enter and work in confined spaces – RIIWHS202E

The Confined Space Entry training equips authorized employees with the knowledge and skills to safely enter and operate in confined spaces, avoiding exposure to hazardous substances, flammable or explosive conditions, collapses or other safety or health issues that could cause injury, illness or death.


This nationally accredited course is to provide employees with the necessary training to enter and work in a confined space.

This unit covers the control of entry to confined spaces, for maintenance, servicing of vessels of other necessary reasons.

This course is aimed towards employees that may need to work in a confined space or supervisors of employees who work in confined spaces, also those that maintain confined space equipment.

Though there are no qualification prerequisites, participants must be physically able to enter confined spaces.

Course Structure:

  • The hazards of confined space
  • Risk assessment procedures
  • Risk control measures
  • Emergency procedures
  • The selection, use and maintenance of safety equipment
  • Legislative requirements
  • Entry permits
  • Practical scenarios entering a confined space

This is a 1-day course.

This unit is appropriate for those working in operational roles undertaking work in confined spaces.

Participants must be physically able to access and crawl through a confined space.

CSQ funding applicable to eligible applicants only.


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