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As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Advanced Industry Training has agreed to operate within the Standards of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) and in accordance with RTO Standards 2015 (or subsequent standards).

Advanced Industry Training will, at all times, comply with all legislative requirements of State and Federal Governments and regulatory bodies.

Advanced Industry Training has operating procedures and policies that ensure a high professional standard in the delivery of training and assessment services.

All personnel employed in training and/or assessment roles are appropriately qualified and have the relevant industry skills required to deliver the training/assessment.

Advanced Industry Training is committed to providing quality services at a fair price. Our ethos is that students that leave our courses are professionally trained and competent to work safely with the competency that has been achieved.

If students are not completely satisfied with the training that has been provided or processes undertaken, Advanced Industry Training has a formal complaints and appeals process and will ensure all complaints are resolved in a fair and equitable manner and in accordance with the principles of natural justice.

Advanced Industry Training has a commitment to providing a quality service and a focus on continuous improvement.

We value feedback from program participants, client organisations, employees and contractors for consideration and incorporation into future programs so that subsequent program delivery/assessment can be improved.

AIT staff, trainers & assessors are expected to:

  • Conduct themselves in a lawful, ethical, safe and responsible manner that recognises and respects rights and views of others;
  • Ensure consistency and fairness to all students when providing training and assessment services;
  • Represent AIT in a professional capacity at all times ensuring the reputation of AIT is upheld at all times;
  • Act in a manner that is not aggressive, demeaning, disrespectful or offensive to students, trainers/assessors, staff or visitors to AIT;
  • Abide by Workplace Health and Safety legislation, policy and procedure at all times and not behave in a way that endangers themselves or others;
  • Communicate with students appropriately when dealing with unacceptable behaviour.


All Students & Visitors are expected to:

  • Conduct themselves in a lawful, ethical, safe and responsible manner that recognises and respects rights and views of others;
  • Ensure they are not under the influence of any illicit substance, including alcohol when attending training (classroom or practical);
  • Participate actively in training courses and not purposely disrupt the courses in progress;
  • Act in a manner that is not aggressive, demeaning, disrespectful or offensive to other students, trainers/assessors, staff or visitors to AIT;
  • Demonstrate respect for themselves, other students, trainers/assessors, staff and other visitors;
  • Take responsibility for their own behaviour and learning;
  • Cooperate with trainers/assessors and other staff and comply with lawful directions given to them;
  • Abide by Workplace Health and Safety legislation, policy and procedure at all times and not behave in a way that endangers themselves or others.

Advanced Industry Training will supply prospective students with an enrolment form to be completed to book a place on any course.

The enrolment form should be completed and returned to our office, where possible, no later than 3 business days prior to the scheduled course.  A place on a course cannot be guaranteed without confirmation of enrolment.

If the enrolment form cannot be completed for any reason, an email with student details may be accepted at the discretion of the AIT Business Manager.

Students enrolling in high risk work licence courses must complete an enrolment form and lodge it with our office at least 7 business days prior to the course to enable AIT to lodge the appropriate notifications with the state competent authority.

Unless by prior approval with our Business Manager, all course fees are payable either when enrolling in a course or before completion of the course.

Fees paid in advance are subject to the Refunds Policy. 

It is a mandatory government requirement for all students enrolling in VET to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). All students enrolling with AIT will be asked to supply a USI at time of enrolment. If students do not have a USI, they can visit to create a USI or contact our office to assist.

Each unit of competency involves a written and practical assessment component. Assessments are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Industry Skills Council for each competency.

Details of these requirements can be found at

Assessments for high risk work licence courses such as forklift, EWP, dogging, rigging and cranes are closed book assessments using National Assessments Instruments (NAI).  The assessments are delivered in English only.  Oral assessments can be made available for written questions only for students that need assistance with reading and writing.


Learners unsuccessful at the time of assessment are given ample opportunity to re-familiarise themselves with the subject material prior to attempting the assessment again. Re-assessments are charged at $300 per re-assessment.

All our trainers will work with the students to ensure, where possible, they receive additional assistance prior to being re-assessed.

If a learner has Language, Literacy or Numeracy difficulties:

  • The trainer/assessor will take the time to discuss any LLN difficulties with each learner and work with the learner to develop a reasonable solution to develop the skills required to complete training.
  • Assistance will be offered where required.
  • Qualified remedial training/assistance can be arranged through a qualified language, literacy and numeracy provider.

Advanced Industry Training supports Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as a pathway to obtaining a Qualification or Unit of Competency.  Where students  gain skills and knowledge through a range of work, study, life and other experiences. Previous learning however achieved, can contribute greatly to a person’s current competence.

In order for skills to be formally recognised as part of a national qualification or unit of competency, Assessors must make sure that the student has the required skills and knowledge to meet the industry standard as specified it the relevant Training Package. Recognition of Prior Learning.

To apply for RPL, students must gather evidence of their skills, knowledge and experience and complete an RPL kit which is supplied by the RTO.  The evidence must be current, sufficient, valid and authentic.  Students applying for RPL will be required to supply supporting documents as well as statements from employers to back up the application for RPL.  The RTO will authenticate the evidence to ensure its validity prior to undertaking a review of the application.

The RTO team and the Assessors are available to provide guidance and support throughout the RPL application process.

In accordance with Clause 3.3 of the RTO Standards 2015, Advanced Industry Training will issue AQF certification documentation by way of a Statement of Attainment or Testamur, within 30 calendar days of the learner being assessed as competent and provided all agreed course fees have been paid.

Should students require a re-print of their statement/testamur after the original has been provided to the student, a fee of $25.00 per re-print is applicable.

AIT acknowledges and supports Mutual Recognition as one of the most important features of the Australian Quality Training Framework. We will recognise the Qualifications/Statements of Attainment issued by any other registered training organisation located within Australia once they have been validated.  A Credit Transfer will be applied for validated, previously held Qualifications/Statements of Attainment.

Where students wish to upgrade a previously held competency to the current competency, students will be asked to supply evidence of currency of skills and experience in the competency.  For example, students may be requested to supply documentation from an employer detailing current relevant work experience and skills.  Where currency for the competency is not proven, students may be requested to complete the full course for that competency. Further, where students have commenced training with another RTO and wish to transfer to Advanced Industry Training to complete the competency/qualification, students will be required to provide certain evidence of the training provided by the other RTO.  At a minimum, students will be required to provide evidence of any formal training undertaken, logbooks with current experience recorded and may have to undertake a challenge test.

Where a student has previously held a high risk work licence (HRWL) and it is no longer current, they can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards attaining the competency.

Candidates that apply for RPL must be able to provide evidence they have previously attained the high-risk work licence competency.

An RPL candidate for HRWL must be able to provide the following evidence of previous learning:

  • Copy of old licence or letter from WH&S Qld or USI transcript advising a licence had been held or completed the training and;
  • Completion of a self-assessment checklist and;
  • Interview with an assessor to provide further information based on responses to the self-assessment.

Each candidate must complete the mandated National Assessment Instrument for each unit of competency including:

  • Knowledge assessment
  • Calculations assessment
  • Performance assessment


All fees for training/assessment are invoiced on completion of the training/assessment and are due and payable at the completion of each course or within 7 days from the date of the invoice.  In some instances, employers or individual learners will request invoices prior to course completion and make payment prior to attending courses. 

Where fees are paid in advanced, should a student/employer wish to cancel enrolment prior to the commencement date of a course, the following conditions will apply:

Working days notice prior to commencement date and % Refund

7 days notice                     100% refund

4-7 days notice                   50% refund

Less than 4 days notice     No refund *

Wherever possible, students who cancel their enrolment will be transferred to a future course.

Participants requesting a refund of fees paid must complete the AIT Refund Application Form and submit it to the Business Manager for approval and issue of refunded fees.

Where a refund of fees paid is sought, the refund will be processed to the nominated bank account of the student/employer within 2 business days of receiving the request for refund.  Refunds for card payments can only be made where the card is presented at the office.

In some instances, pre-paid fees may be able to be applied as future credits for training after approval from the Business Manager.

Advanced Industry Training is not required to provide a refund if the participant changes their mind regarding the services once the service has commenced.  By signing the Enrolment form, the participant (and/or their employer) is declaring their agreement with the Refund Policy.

*The Business Manager and/or Managing Director can make the decision to refund fees in full or in part after discussion with the customer if outside of the refund timeframes. 

Under no circumstances will a refund be allowed if there is less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or no notice of cancellation.  A cancellation fee may be incurred where less than 24 hours notice of cancellation or no-show without notice occurs.

When a student has chosen to undertake the formal training and go onto a logbook prior to assessment, the course fee will be split over 2 equal payments.

The fee for formal training and logbook set-up is payable at time of enrolment or on the day the set-up is completed.


The balance of the quoted price is payable prior to or at time of assessment.

Advanced Industry Training takes pride in the quality of its customer service. Our Administration Team is friendly and approachable and provide high levels of customer service. 

Our quality focus includes a Recognition Policy, a fair and equitable Refund Policy, Complaints Policy, Access and Equity Policy, Records Management Policy and an Appeals Policy.

Where necessary, arrangements will be made for those learners requiring literacy and/or numeracy support.

A flexible learning and assessment approach will be taken wherever necessary to suit the participant’s unique requirements.

We will take every opportunity to ensure that this information is disseminated, understood and valued by our program participants by including it as part of the course enrolment process.