Licence to operate an order picking forklift truck -TLILIC0004

Order picking forklift truck means a forklift truck where the operator controls are incorporated with the lifting media and elevate with the lifting media.


A person performing this work is required to hold an order picking forklift truck high risk work (HRW) licence.

Training is provided on operating an order picking forklift truck to plan the work, conduct routine checks on order-picking forklift trucks, shift loads in a safe manner, and safely shut down and secure equipment after completing operations.

The course is generally a 3 day course and covers the following:

  • Hazard identification and risk control
  • WH&S requirements and duty of care
  • Pre and post operational checks of the order picker
  • Identifying and using controls on the order picker
  • Assessing weights of loads and moving them safely
  • Communications
  • Emergency procedures
  • Shut down and maintenance procedures
  • Written and performance assessments

Participants that successfully complete the course will be issued a Statement of Attainment and Assessment Summary (AS1) sheet.  They have 60 days to apply to the Worksafe Queensland for issue of the licence.

Note: Participants will need access to an order picker in a workplace setting to undertake this course.


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