Licence to operate a slewing mobile crane (up to 60 tonnes) – TLILIC0023

This unit specifies the skills and knowledge required to safely operate a slewing mobile crane with a Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC) up to 60 tonnes, in accordance with all relevant legislative responsibilities.


Slewing mobile crane means a mobile crane incorporating a boom or jib that can be slewed, but does not include:

  • a front-end loader or
  • a backhoe or
  • an excavator or
  • other earth moving equipment, when configured for crane operation.

This unit requires a person operating slewing mobile crane up to 60 tonnes to plan the work, conduct routine checks, set up crane, transfer load, mobile load and shut down and secure crane. Includes following directions form a dogman.

Participants that successfully complete the course will be issued a Statement of Attainment and Assessment Summary (AS1) sheet.  They have 60 days to apply to the state WHS Regulator for issue of the licence.

This course is a 5 day course consisting of theory training, practical training and assessments.

CSQ funding only applicable to eligible participants.


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