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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol in a course?

If you wish to enrol in one of our courses you can contact the office by phone, email or walk-in and we will supply you with the appropriate enrolment form.

To secure your place on a course the enrolment form needs to be completed and returned to the office to confirm placement on a course.

What payment options are available to me?

We offer a range of options for payment. We accept cash, EFTPOS, Credit Card (NOT American Express) and Direct Debits.

Job Network Providers and Companies also have the option to provide a Purchase Order and will receive a 7 day invoice.

What happens if my licence is lost or stolen?

If your licence is lost or has been stolen you will need to contact our office and we will advise you as to which authority you may need to contact.

For high risk work licences issued in Qld, you will need to contact Workplace Health and Safety Queensland for a replacement.

Can I operate a forklift without a licence?


You cannot operate any high risk work licence plant without a licence.

The exception is if you have undertaken the formal training with an RTO and have been set up on a logbook.

You can then operate under the supervision of a licensed operator.

This operator must hold a current licence for the high risk work licence.

(Note – this applies to all high risk work, not just forklifts).

I forgot to renew my scaffolders licence, do I need to do the whole course again?

For any high risk work licence issued in Queensland, you have 12 months from the expiry date of the licence to renew the licence.

If you haven’t received the renewal notice from WH&S Qld and it is within the 12 month period, you can phone WH&S Qld on 1300 362 128 to renew.

A high risk work licence is like a drivers licence so you need to remember to notify WH&S Qld if you change address.

If the 12 month period has passed, you will need to resit the written and practical assessments to have the licence reissued.

You may also be asked to supply the RTO with evidence of current experience in the licence class.

If your licence is more than 12 months out of date, please give the AIT office a call to work out a solution.

I have lost my construction white card. Can I get a replacement?


To replace your white or blue card you need to contact the RTO that issued your card.

If the RTO that issued your card is no longer operating, you will need to contact another RTO that conducts General Construction Induction training and

  • provide evidence that you have completed the required training or
  • if you no longer have that evidence, a statutory declaration declaring that you have completed the training.

You will also need to provide statutory declaration declaring the circumstances in which the card was lost, stolen or destroyed.

I have a construction blue card, do I need to have a white card?

If you already have a blue card, you do not need to change to a white card unless you are enrolled in a course of training that requires the completion of

  • CPCCWHS1001 as a prerequisite, such as
  • CPCCDE3014A Remove non-friable asbestos or
  • CPCCDE3015A Remove friable asbestos.
Telehandler or Crane – when is a Telehandler not a Telehandler?

We have had a lot of enquiries about whether a Telehandler ticket is required where the machine is over 3 tonnes.

So, here’s the information directly from Worksafe Qld which may clarify when a Telehandler becomes a crane (or EWP or forklift!).

The licensing requirements to operate a telehandler differ depending on the attachments being used during operation and the capacity of the machine.

When the machine exceeds 3 tonnes capacity AND is fitted with a boom or job and hook block, it becomes a non-slew crane and a high risk work licence is required.

When the machine fitted with a personnel box attached directly to the main boom and the personnel box can be extended 11 metres or more, it becomes an elevating work platform and a high risk work licence is required.

If the machine is fitted with forks or bucket only, it is a Telehandler and a high risk work licence is not required to operate the machine. The competency for the machine in this case is RIIHAN309E Operate a telescopic materials handler.

Still confused? Give us a call or send an email and one of our trainers will contact you.

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